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The modern look in homes today has been a growing décor theme and is especially popular with the younger generation. It is a design that is based off of simplistic, more sleek and less cluttered look. There are a lot of geometric shapes used in the décor choices, from furniture, to accent pieces. Even kitchens can have a very modern look, and the kitchen cabinetry is one of the most popular modes of expressing modernism, or, contemporary look and feel. The modern design of cabinetry uses less ornamental appeal, and focuses more on function. Where traditional cabinets are typically made with a type of wood, modern cabinets use an array of materials and combine them to give them a unique look and texture. Some of the most common types of materials used in modern kitchen cabinetry include, laminates, wood, metal, and glass. They are most often flat, without handles, and have no crown molding or raised décor on the wood. If the modern look is what you are planning for your kitchen, then here are some tips for choosing modern cabinetry to complete the look.


Before starting the design process, the most important thing is to understand how the kitchen is going to be used. This is a basic approach that any architect must take. A kitchen can’t be just a leftover space or a space to be defined at the end of a project. Designers must understand that a kitchen has various flows and different work areas that need to be integrated throughout the entire project.

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When you consult us on bedroom designing, we go in detail of designing, space planning and you will be directory working with our interior designing team. Our designers are well capable of design user friendly and practical master bedroom.

Although I’m sure you already have plenty of master bedroom design ideas in your mind, before you start designing the room you must pay attention to the basics.

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All of our painted glass splashbacks are made from high quality 6mm low-iron toughened glass which is impact resistant and heat resistant up to temperatures of 400 ºC. Glass brand - Splashback, ensuring that you can match any colour that you require.
In fact, you can even provide us with a colour sample and we’ll colour match your glass splashback for you.

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