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About Us

Kitchen & Bedroom

Kitchen & Bedroom is a one stop shop for owning your very own luxurious Kitchen & Bedroom. It is a place where your dreams are made a reality, when planning on building your very first Kitchen or your most desired bedroom.The team of highly qualified interior designers at Kitchen & Bedroom have come together to provide world class mastery in interior designing pioneering in building magnific interior for Kitchens and Bedrooms. Kitchen & Bedroom located in Dehiwala now proudly celebrate two years of successful craftsmanship rending satisfied customers through-out the world.

Kitchen & Bedroom is a collection of refined artistry of German and Italian heritage captured by the keen eyes of diligent interior designers, dedicating & engaging in each project to deliver the finest products available in the market today.

The dream builders have a unique passion for designing modern day Kitchens with pantry cupboards and work tops designed specially to suit your liking and needs. The designer process is done by scratch with minimal time consumption and installed by skilled workmen for the perfect match between you and your Kitchen.

They not only creates master pieces in relation to the Kitchen but also in relation to trendy and fashionable bedroom setups suited for the modern day living.

The concept of turning an ordinary bedroom setup in to a sanctuary of comfort and style is a must when you plan on becoming one or even if your desire to make your honey-moon an everyday experience by turning your boring bedroom in to a master piece luxurious eternity, it is must that you visit Kitchen & Bedroom at your earliest to reserve the date for new beginnings. 

At Kitchen & Bedroom, the products are manufactured abiding by trusted German Technology and European Standards to render the customer ultimate satisfaction of owning a hassle free Kitchen & Bedroom setups for your everyday use.

The furnishing of closets and cupboards are done with the use of high quality pre-finished compressive wood and aluminum specially imported from Turkey for durability and sophisticated appearance of the finished product. 

The skilled designers opt to create working spaces which includes the space planning, CAD drawings, 3D Drawings, flooring & floor colours, ceiling, lighting, wall colours, Kitchen wall tiles, cabinets, walking closet, beds, counter top, powder room, dressing units and electrical layout for all the kitchen appliances.

At Kitchen & Bedroom, optimum quality and durability in each product is guaranteed by working in close connection with world renowned brands such as Hettich, Staron. These brands play a major role in the ultimate product and customer satisfaction since they are manufactured rendering world class standards.

Kithcen & Bedroom invites you to own your comfort space with just a call away dial them on 0115 99 33 66 or visit them at sales@interior.lk for assistance.