“Would you love to snuggle up in these bedrooms? Tell us which was your favorite and why”

The bedroom is the most personal room of your home, and the way you choose to decorate it mirrors your personality. A romantic decor is a popular choice to bring a warmer atmosphere to a room as it reflects a sense of tranquility and peace. Check out our collection of romantic bedroom designs below and get ready to turn your room into a gorgeous romantic getaway!

Let’s not be crass about anything here, but a newlywed bedroom will need a comfortable bed as a matter of course, as there is an assumption that a newly married couple might have a desire to spend more time in there than anywhere else for a little while! Ahem, with that out of the way, let’s talk beds!

Any newlywed couple will still be in the cuddly sleeping habit, so make sure that you get a lovely spacious bed with a suitably with comfortable mattress that supports you both.

Take a look at this lovely bedroom. Don’t you just want to mooch about in there and curl up with someone delightful to watch a film and while away the weekend?

All bedrooms need good lighting in them, but this is even more important in a newlywed bedroom, as you will still love the sight of your new spouse! Necessarily for long gazes into each other’s eyes, we think a pair of bedside lamps are the ideal addition to your space as they offer subdued, soft and romantic lighting, as opposed to the harsh glare of a main light that in a few years will be glibly switched on by your other half, despite you not being fully awake yet. Welcome to marriage, the fun starts here!

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