Glass Splash

Painted Glass

All of our painted glass splashbacks are made from high quality 6mm low-iron toughened glass which is impact resistant and heat resistant up to temperatures of 400 ºC. Glass brand - Splashback, ensuring that you can match any colour that you require.

In fact, you can even provide us with a colour sample and we’ll colour match your glass splashback for you.

painted glass
Printed Rage

Printed Range

“G” -Glass Splashback Everyone who is familiar with glass splashbacks knows about painted or coloured splashbacks and these are still one of the most popular splashbacks of choice, especially now that many suppliers offer a vast range of colour options, with some even offering a colour match service. It’s now so much easier to produce the desired effect with either a naturally blended splashback or a striking colour, to add contrast or create a feature. Another option is to combine different splashbacks into the whole design scheme, combining coloured and mirrored splashbacks to totally transform a whole wall.

Kitchen Glass

Kitchen Glass Splash back...
* We got more than 1000 colours
* Toughened Glass
* Installation in 14 days

Call us today, will send our Interior professionals and they will guide you on the colours, size and the design

Kitchen Glass
Bathroom Splashbacks

Bathroom Splashbacks

Bathroom splashbacks are a great addition to any home or commercial bathroom area as a way of providing a decorative yet practical touch to protect your walls from water damage. We provide custom-cut bathroom splashbacks that are made to measure, whether you’re looking to install a splashback behind a sink, around a bath or for your shower enclosure.

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